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Friday, 20 March 2020 19:38

Coronavirus and JMG Porsche Featured

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Over the years we at JMG Porsche have had to deal with many and varied struggles.

Recessions and financial crashes and now a very serious pandemic, Coronavirus or as it is also known, COVID-19 (Which sounds much more exciting for the media machine!) and we are still open!

You know JMG Porsche, we are a common-sense based company, we do not get involved in hype or try to be trendy, we believe in having our feet firmly attached to the ground and always try to make common-sense decisions, so you can be assured that we will keep an eye on the advice and legislation of the government, but also reading between the lines, and using our own common sense to maintain our service to our customers, while also keeping customers and JMG employees safe.

Since the virus landed in the UK, we have had daily meetings on the subject of the virus and making sure we are doing exactly what we need to be doing, to continue operations and maintain sensible levels of health security.

As it stands at the time of writing this, we are still open, and here are a number of measures we are taking to ensure safety to you and our health, but also to increase your convenience during this time of mass inconvenience.

Car collection and delivery service

We have always offered free car collection and delivery for customers living in the right local postcodes. But now that Coronavirus is now gripping the nation, schools have closed leaving some customers stranded at home, some are self-isolating and unable to leave the house, and some are just juggling family, community and work commitments, making it difficult to bring their cars to us, and indeed to get home afterwards. With this in mind, it seems sensible for us to extend our collection and delivery service nationwide! Obviously this will carry some financial costs, but prices will be tailored to a case by case basis dependent on the volume of work being performed and of course your address.

When collecting your car, we need not have physical contact with you, we can call you when we are outside but away from your door, you can then put the keys outside of your front door, and then retreat inside for us to collect the keys. We will be wearing gloves, we will disinfect/cleanse your keys, apply protective coverings to hand controls and the seat, and will continue to take precautions before we return your car.

When we return your car, we again call you to let you know we are outside, and once we are finished with touching your car, we will remove all coverings, and set off a decontaminating device within your car and lock it. This device is disposable and designed to release a car-friendly disinfecting spray, fogging the interior, which will not leave a residue in the car, and will leave it decontaminated and smelling of either "Citrous" or "linen".

If you would like your car collected and delivered back to you, following the service, diagnosis or repairs, please call us to discuss logistics and a tailored price.

Dropping your car off in person during office hours.

When dropping off your car in person, there is not even any need to enter our building, you can call us and a member of staff will exit the building, wearing fresh disposable surgical gloves, and will be able to retrieve your keys from you, which if you choose can be via leaving the keys on the roof of the car, our staff will come out, perform a quick body check of your car, and collect your keys. Once you have seen this be done, from a distance if you prefer, you can then retreat home, safe in the knowledge that you have not had to interact with anyone.

You can also call us to discuss the work to be done, and we can take pictures if requested of anything you might usually ask to see in person during the process of repairs. So again, there is no need for anyone to be within your safety bubble.

Once your car is checked in, we will apply protective coverings, which are disposable, to the seat, steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake lever and other controls that we may need to touch. But beyond this, we will always be wearing gloves regardless.

Dropping off your car in person out of office hours.

Our business is covered by numerous CCTV cameras which can be monitored 24 hours a day, and the industrial estate has CCTV and 24-hour security, so if you do drop off your car outside of office hours, the front car park area is extremely safe and secure.

Once your car is locked, please put your keys through our letterbox, along with a note with details of your name and the car registration. Once the keys are through our letterbox, they are covered by our RedCare security alarm system, so if anyone tried to get your keys once posted, will set off the alarm system which will trigger Police response (The Dorset Police divisional headquarters are about one mile away so it would not take long!)

However, your car gets to us, we will work in ways to reduce risks of contamination both of your car, and of our staff.

Staff members will be applying protective coatings to all internal hand controls, and levers that we might touch while the car is here. In addition, we will be wearing protective gloves while working on your car and changing them as we switch between cars.

We will also remain in contact with you by email, SMS messages and by telephone.

Paying us without even entering our building!

We are currently encouraging customers to make payments to us using their card over the phone.

Once work is complete, we will email a copy of your invoice to you, so you can read it and ensure you are happy with it, and then call us, where we can take payment from your credit or debit card over the telephone.

Or we can offer a small discount for you paying by bank transfer.

We believe this is a common-sense way to reduce your exposure to risks. Debit and credit card terminals are used by many people, and even though ours will be cleaned on a regular basis and ideally between every transaction, they offer many discreet locations for the nasty virus to lurk.

Decontamination of your car prior to collection.

Before you collect your Porsche from us following us working on it, it will be cleaned externally, vacuumed internally, and chemically decontaminated internally, even into the vents and heater/air conditioning system!

We have always believed in washing and vacuuming cars prior to collection, it not only allows you to get into a nicely cleaned car as part of the service but now we are going even further!

The wash now involves a snow foam method, which coats the entire exterior of your car in a detergent foam which will cling to the car, soaking into grime for much longer than the 20 seconds we are advised to wash our hands for. But more than this, the foam is specifically chosen to be extremely friendly to your Porsche exterior, but also to be extremely aggressive towards anything biological which should not be there!

We request that you let us know when you are 15 minutes away from collecting your car, so we can park your car in the front car park, remove protective coverings and deploy our car interior decontamination device. This is an aerosol-based device, which releases a disinfecting fog within the cabin, and into every nook and cranny, without leaving any residue, stains and the only odour afterwards is one of citrus fruit or linen.

Once decontaminated, we will not touch your car again, which is why we would ask you to warn us of your arrival, as it is not healthy to enter the car while this device is in operation!

This service is free of charge, however, if we need to decontaminate your car more than once, due to a failure for you to arrive when expected, then there will be a minor charge for this.

Everything is under daily review.

We are constantly checking the latest advice from the government and authorities, so our policy is under constant review during this unusual set of circumstances, with daily meetings of directors and staff to re-assess the situation.

At the moment there is no danger of us being forced to close, and if we were, as a company offering breakdown services to many doctors, we would campaign to remain open throughout the crisis, even if that is just to complete the cars currently in progress and get them back to their owners, even if their owners are self-isolating or under some kind of lockdown.


Q - I am self-isolating as someone with, or potentially with Coronavirus, will you still look at my car?

A - Of course we will, but we would appreciate you informing us of your situation. Just as we can decontaminate your car prior to it being back in your care, we can decontaminate it prior to our staff entering it, as well as ensuring our staff have personal protective equipment to ensure they are not exposed to risks of contracting the virus, such as wearing an overkill protective respirator when collecting the car and until it is decontaminated.

Q - I am self-isolating, can I still use my Porsche?

A - At the moment, unless the laws are changed to outlaw this, such as they are in the "Isle of Man" if you are self-isolating if you decide to take your car for a drive, as long as you keep the windows closed, and the roof up in the case of convertible cars, you will not cause any spread of your potential infection. Going out for a drive, as long as you do not get out of the car to interact with anyone, could give a welcome release from going stir crazy at home, and in our opinion, you will not pose any risk to other members of society.

Q - I would like to book my car in for next week or even next month, is that possible? Will you be open?

A - We are obviously are not in control of the lawmakers, but unless we absolutely have to close through force of law, it is our current plan to remain open, so yes, please feel free to book your car in.

Q - My Porsche has suffered a breakdown, but I do not have an appointment can I bring it to you or have it recovered to you?

A - At JMG Porsche we have always had a policy of keeping some of our schedule unbooked to be able to deal with breakdowns or emergency repairs. Even if your MOT has lapsed and you need to performing urgently, we will try to help. So no, for any emergency repairs, or urgent attention needed, you can usually have your car brought to us, or we can even arrange recovery for it, without an appointment.

If you have any questions, we welcome them, please call us on 01202 488800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will endeavour to not only answer your questions but also to remain flexible and help wherever we can.

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