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SOLD -- Immaculate low mileage 944 show quality car (Ref:94427NSU)

£ 11,995.00



You are viewing the details of a Porsche 2.7 944, manufactured in late 1989 but registered one day short of being a 1990 car. With only 73,000 miles, which is backed up by an extensive service history.


One of Jon Mitchell's personal collection, this Porsche 944 2.7 is absolutely immaculate, a very low mileage Porsche with an impressive full service history and is totally original.


Jon Mitchell is the owner, managing director and senior technician of JMG Porsche, as well as a technical advisor for the Porsche club of Great Britain, also the independent Porsche enthusiasts club, not to mention the co author of the Porsche 944 buyers guide published by Veloce Publishing.


Jon's father had a phrase he was especially fond of, which was “There is nothing quite as expensive as a cheap Porsche!” What he was getting at with this phrase is that although their may be many cheap examples of any Porsche model for sale at any one time, as a rule, if you buy anything but the best one available, it will more often than not cost many times the purchase price to raise the condition, make repairs or performing unexpected due maintenance. This particular example is certainly the best condition 944 for sale in the UK, possibly Europe and has been maintained beyond reason.


A true time capsule car, this 944 drives as if it has just left the factory. There are no excuses of “It is a 26 year old car, what do you expect” this car really is like new and we welcome any inspection as we are sure that no faults or defects will be found. If there were, these would be rectified as part of the sale.


Jon purchased this car from a customer and club member a couple of years ago, with the original intention of using it as an apprentice training car, but once he realised what a truly exceptional example it was, he decided instead to lavish time and money into making it a perfect example for his collection.


As you can imagine, with Jon's background, just because a component has not failed or is not due to be replaced, does not mean that Jon is happy with it, so with this car, like all that he has owned, Jon has paid attention to every moving component on this car which is typical as prone to fail through age as well as mileage, meaning that in the last year the following parts have been replaced, as well as many more.


  • Disks, pads, handbrake shoes, pad wear sensors and brake fluid.
  • Steering shaft UJ's, steering ball joints and common bushes replaced, with a full four wheel alignment.
  • Wheel bearings on all four corners replaced.
  • Complete exhaust system replaced with a new stainless steel item.
  • Cam belt, balance belt, belt tensioners and rollers, front engine oil seals all replaced.
  • Water pump replaced, along with thermostat, coolant and coolant cap.
  • Fuel injectors all ultrasonic cleaned and flow tested.
  • Airflow meter recalibrated.
  • Fuel pressure regulator replaced.
  • Ignition system overhauled.
  • Major service performed (another will be performed on sale agreement)
  • Auxiliary drive belts replaced
  • Transmission serviced and resealed.
  • Any paint chips rectified by a bodyshop, not by touch up pen!


This is not your typical 944, the sills neither need replacement or have ever been replaced, the car has no history or signs of ever being in an accident and Jon is not the first careful owner, the previous owners it would seem have all cared for the car with money being no object with its history seeming to have been garaged and pampered since new.


Jon has decided (With the help of his nagging friends and family) that his Porsche collection is a little two large (understatement) and a couple should be given new homes, before he buys a particular Porsche he has had his eye on for some time. As he already owns eight Porsche 944 examples, four of which are 944 Turbos along with many other Porsche, it has been decided that this car, as well as a couple of the Turbos will be made available for sale.


For those not familiar with the Porsche 944, this model was first introduced in 1982 with the 2.5 Litre engine and gained admiration for its fantastic handling (due to a near 50-50 weight distribution) and its over engineered build quality. A proper grand tourer, the 944 evolved over its almost ten year span of production with various improvements and sub models being introduced over those years, such as the 16 valve S and S2, the turbo and technically speaking even the 968 is actually an evolution of the 944.


This model is often referred to in the UK as a Lux model, a non turbo eight valve engine, originally introduced as a 2.5 litre powered car, this particular car is one of the very last year of Lux production, where they were built with a 2.7 litre engine with improved torque and BHP, as well as benefiting from several years of evolution of the model as a whole.


The originality of this car extends to even the original Blaupunkt radio cassette which is still installed and fully functional.


Finished in spotless “Glacier Blue” silver metallic with immaculate dark pinstripe interior, this car is due to be photographed more extensively over the coming few days, however if any potential buyer desires any particular photos from a specific angle we would be happy to email these through on request.


This car is being sold on consignment by JMG Porsche for Jon Mitchell and therefore the car comes with a no quibble warranty from JMG for a period of three months.


Being a unique car, setting a price point for this car has been especially difficult, therefore we have monitored the Pistonheads.com classifieds for the last six months with particular interest, where at least two other 2.7 944's of identical specification, but possibly lesser condition have sold by private sale for £12,000 which we think makes this car especially good value for money as well providing good investment potential as the prices of 944's continue to skyrocket.


Should this particular car not be of interest, Jon will be placing a Baltic Blue 944 Turbo SE, a Grand Prix White 944 Turbo and a Polar Silver Porsche Boxster 3.2 S up for sale via JMG in the coming weeks.


Please call us on 01202 488800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details or to arrange a viewing.

Engine: 2700 Km: 72000 Year Built: 1989
Extras: Electric windows.::. Central locking.::. Electric Mirrors.::. Electric Operated Seats.::. Front fog lights.::.

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