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Porsche 944 Turbo SE - Awesome spec and condition (Ref:blue-Turbo)

£ 24,995.00

Jon Mitchell, owner of JMG Porsche has quite a famous collection of Porsche cars and although he always says he should cut down the collection, it rarely actually happens (We think he just says it to keep his wife happy!)

As an owner of four 944 Turbo's, Jon has actually agreed to let one go from his personal collection, along with a couple of other cars, to make room for something he has his eye on. Not in any rush to sell this, Jon is willing to wait to find the right new owner for this very special car.

Even though Jon is world famous for not only writing the 944 Buyers guide by Volece publishing (and available on Amazon!) he is also famous for tuning the 944 Turbo models up to over 400 bhp and in some cases over 600 ft-lbs of torque, but this car is absolutely standard, as it left the factory apart from the 9XX Front Shift and 9XX Rear Shift gear linkages, which are know by enthusiasts to offer the most precise and gear selection, reliability while not being a quickshift.

Standard Turbo SE Spec includes.

  • Limited Slip Dif (LSD)
  • Uprated suspension (M030)
  • Uprated brakes (M030)
  • Sports seats
  • Air conditioning
  • 250 BHP with K26/8 Turbocharger

In addition to the standard SE spec, this car also has

  • Fuchs CS (Club Sport) lightweight forged alloy wheels
  • Baltic Blue paint
  • Cream leather seats
  • Dark blue upper dash and upper interior panels
  • Cream lower dash, lower interior panels and carpets

During his ownership, as the owner of a Porsche garage, as you can imagine this car has been lavished with attention and the very best parts, as examples, this is the kind of list of recent work.

  • Engine rebuild - It didnt need it, but Jon wanted it to be perfect.
  • Waterpump, belts, tensioners, rollers, front engine oil seals, oil cooler manifold seals (as part of the engine rebuild)
  • Head gasket, sump gasket and every other gasket (as part of the engine rebuild)
  • New valve guides, valves and head rebuild (as part of the engine rebuild)
  • New belts, tensioners and rollers again (as 4 years and only 4000 miles had passed since the rebuild!!!)
  • New waterpump, belts, tensioners, rollers, front engine oil seals, cam belt, balance belt (as 8 years and less than 8000 miles had passed since the rebuild!!!) this year
  • New brakes (disks, callipers, pads, pad wear sensors and dampening backing plates.
  • Sills replaced and repainted because their was a couple of rust blisters inside when looked at with an endoscope!
  • Brake fluid replacement every two years irrespective of mileage.
  • Servicing every six months, irrespective of mileage.
  • New front wishbones as Jon was unsure of the mileage on the ball joints
  • New radiator and air conditioning condenser as Jon wanted to know the engine and him would remain cool at all times.
  • Transmission service every 4 years irrespective of mileage.
  • Driveshafts rebuilt as Jon did not know the history

This car is currently in preparation (wrenching the car out of Jons hands!!) and should be available shortly.


Engine: 2500 Km: 120000 Year Built: 1989

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