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SOLD - Jon's personal black Boxster S (Ref:BLACK-986)

Old Price £ 10,995.00
£ 10,495.00

Jon has owned this exceptional black Porsche Boxster S for the past couple of years.

Originally purchased to join his collection as a car he could use as an every day car, this car was initially treated to what Jon calls a "Reset" which all of his cars have performed to ensure certain parts which are known to be a problem on a particular model, or known achilies heals are dealt with. In this case this included.

  • Intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing upgrade to LN Engineering parts
  • Air oil separator (AOS) replaced for the latest Porsche revision parts
  • New clutch
  • New dual mass flywheel (DMF)
  • New lower wishbones all round
  • New brake disks, pads and pad wear sensors
  • Exhaust overhaul with all new clamps, gaskets and sleeves.
  • Major service
  • New spark plugs
  • New coil packs
  • Brake fluid drain, flush, fill and bleed
  • Clutch fluid drain, flush, fill and bleed
  • Transmission service
  • Water pump
  • Low temperature thermostat
  • Drive belt with new tensioners and rollers
  • New radiators
  • New air conditioning condensers
  • Air conditioning system service

At a Porsche specialist garage or main dealer, this list of jobs would probably cost in the region of £8000 !!!

Although much of this work was not required, it makes Jon itch with not knowing these things have been performed on any Boxster, as any of them can ruin the driving experience or reliability.

This car benefits from the following optional extras.

  • Porsche CDR CD-Radio sound system
  • On board computer (mpg, oil level, range, trip etc)
  • Cruise control
  • 18 Inch split rim wheels with diamond cut rims (Recently remanufactured)
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Facelift front and rear clear indicators

In addition to the usual Boxster features which include

  • Electric power roof
  • Electric mirrors
  • Electrically adjustable seats
  • Remote central locking
  • Factory immobiliser

Being a Boxster S it also benefits from the following S package items

  • 3.2 Sport engine
  • Larger Sport Cross drilled brake disks
  • Larger brake callipers
  • Six speed transmission

Since all this work was completed, it has also had the engine oil changed every six months and prior to sale it will benefit from a final Major service, brake fluid flush fill and bleed.

Now offered for sale as part of an ongoing program to reduce the number of cars in Jon's collection, the buyer of this car will benefit from a pristine Boxster with no mechanical defects and going forward all the expensive bits dealt with.

Engine: 3200 Km: 75000 Year Built: 2001

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