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SOLD - Jon's wife's immaculate Boxster S 986 (Ref:986hod)

Old Price £ 11,995.00
£ 10,995.00

It's not often that one of Jon Mitchell's personal Porsche collection cars comes up for sale and when they do, they really are exceptional, this Boxster S is no exception.

A silver 986 Boxster S, 3.2 Litre, with Dark blue roof and interior, all in unmarked and spotless condition.

For some reason the website likes to deal in kilometers, however this car has covered only 52,000 miles.

Bought a couple of years ago for Jon's wife to drive for a few months while pregnant with their son, to enjoy some last open top sports car motoring before she was relegated to sensible cars fitted with a baby seat!

Obviously, this meant that the car they chose had to be high spec, immaculate and mechanically perfect, if this car had broken down or so much as had a hick-up with his pregnant wife driving, he would never have heard the end of it.

So part of its preparation was the replacement of several Boxster Achilles heals, such as the intermediate shaft bearing (IMS) with an upgraded item, rear main seal, wishbones, dual mass flywheel (DMF), clutch, radiators, air conditioning condensers, exhaust clamps, lambda sensors, waterpump, thermostat (low temp one fitted), air oil separator and oil cooler heat exchanger!!

As well as this, the alarm control unit was replaced and new key remotes programmed.

All in the name of making sure, that this car would not let her down and that Jon would not suffer a fate worse than death.

Specification wise, whoever brought it originally did not mind ticking boxes, the option list is as follows.

M016 "Standard" package 
M061 Version for Great Britain 
M071 EU country version 
M130 Control and indications in English lettering 
M197 Stronger battery 
M198 Starter 1.7 kW 
M211 Licence plate holder version 3 
M219 Differential 
M271 Door mirror -aspherical- driver's side,
electrically adjustable and heatable 
M273 Door mirrors,
electrically adjustable and heatable 
M274 Vanity mirror illuminated 
M288 Headlamp washer 
M369 Standard seat, left 
M370 Standard seat, right 
M400 Boxster-S wheel 17-inch 
M424 CD compartment 
M436 3-spoke airbag steering wheel 
M439 Electrical
hood operation 
M441 Radio preparation 
M466 Rear foglamp, right 
M480 6-speed manual transmission 
M490 -MY 01 sound system
MY 02 sound system Harmann analog 
M492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic 
M534 Theft security system 
M536 Alarm siren and tilt sensor 
M539 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, left 
M540 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, right 
M551 Wind deflector 
M562 Airbag, driver's side and front passenger's side 
M563 Side airbag 
M566 Front fog lights, white 
M567 Windscreen tinted, upper part
darker coloured 
M571 Activated charcoal filter 
M573 Air conditioner 
M581 Center console, front 
M584 Storage box 
M601 Litronic headlights 
M602 Raised stop lamp 
M620 Electronic accelerator 
M651 Electric window opener 
M657 Power assisted steering 
M661 Stricter emission-control concept 
M689 Preperation of cd autochanger 
M695 CD radio "Porsche CDR 22" 
M946 Seat covers, front,

There are two ways to buy this car, one would be from JMG Porsche for the list price but with a 3 month no quibble warranty without exclusions (other than cosmetics and tyres) or direct with the cars owner as a private sale, without warranty for a discounted price. Quite litterally, you "pays your money and makes your choice"

However, to be honest, even if you buy it as a private sale, Jon would probably still help out if anything went wrong anyway, possibly dealing with the issue completely, or at very least offering repairs at a discounted rate. Beyond this, however the car is sold, as long as the car returns for servicing, any repairs would be discounted anyway, as is such with all of Jon's collection cars.

Engine: 3200 Km: 52000 Year Built: 2001

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