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Project and trade in cars

If we sell a car in our JMG Cars for sale section, it has to be pristine, mechanically excellent and unlikely to cause a claim against our no quibble warranty.

Sometimes when we sell a car, the buyer may want to trade in their old car, which may not be viable to get upto the high standard of our JMG Cars for sale, so we may offer it here as a project.

You can buy any of the cars here either as a project to buy and take away as it is, for us to partially or fully repair for you, or even for the basis of a JMG Restoration.

Typically, unless otherwise noted, the cars will NOT come with a warranty of any sort, other than that they are accurately advertised.

In some cases, we have taken a view to making the project less complicated or clearer for a potential buyer, by performing more complicated or scary jobs before putting it up for sale in this section.

This may include performing work which requires specialist tools, or having an independent MOT performed on the car elsewhere, just so you know what you are getting into... If some of the repairs required are complicated or likely to scare people off, if viable, we will again perform these before listing the car, but in those cases we will re-MOT the car, so the current latest failure or advisory list is sure to be current and impartial.

At JMG Porsche we like to support the enthusiast world, so although there is no warranty on these cars, we will do everything in our power to ensure we list the cars accurately and show their nastiest angles.


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