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You are unique and so are your servicing requirements.

The standard Porsche factory service schedule presumes you will have driven 12,000 miles in the last year, that your car is under 4 years old and those 12,000 miles would have been on average 20 miles per journey. As such, Porsche wrote your service schedule based on these parameters.

At JMG Porsche we know you are a unique individual and the way you use your Porsche will also be unique. You might not have covered enough miles to warrant changing your spark plugs this year, although your drive belt may require changing because of age, rather than miles.

The factory service schedule can also be confusing as to what service is required, should it be a 2 yearly 24,000 mile service? or a yearly service even though that is all you had last year?

The solution we think is simple.

Every year, just book your car in for a service and that you would like us to help you decide which service to have performed when you arrive on the day, just bring your service book with you into reception when you arrive and we will look through it with you to help you decide on the basis of our experience.

Just select your model from the servicing drop down menu at the top of this page to see our model specific prices and advice.

Our servicing.

When your Porsche is serviced at JMG Porsche, we will use only Genuine or OEM parts, the correct specification oils for your model and the skill and experience that is only available from a "Porsche only" specialist, which can often spot problems that would be invisible to the inexperienced eye, which may avoid future problems before they become expensive problems.

Even though some models specify two yearly servicing in the service book, there are some signs that this could be responsible for these models suffering engine issues prematurely which were not a problem with the earlier models which had annual servicing specified within the factory service schedule. With this in mind we strongly recommend annual servicing on all Porsche models even if the service book specifies every other year, or even if the yearly mileage is low. the reasoning is simple, many fluids in your Porsche will begin to degrade the very first time the engine is run, many filters and fluids will be past their best a year after they have been first used, lowering the lubricating qualities of the oil and the filtration ability of the filters.

As part of every service, we include resetting of electronic service histories, test drives, inspections, parts, labour and even an interior vacuum and exterior wash as part of the service.

During the service, we may discover items requiring additional attention and will endeavour to contact you to authorise anything over and above the routine service the car is here for, or for additional items required to complete the service. It is very important that while your car is with JMG Porsche that you are available on the telephone and email for the duration of the visit, otherwise we may have to make a judgement call on your behalf and proceed or not with additional work, which we will avoid if it is possible to contact you.


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