Technical Support

JMG Have always been well known for offering technical support to customers, enthusiasts, Porsche clubs, online forums and the media.


Sometimes one of our Porsche customers may have a question regarding their car, it could be as simple as asking which tyre pressures are recommended, other times it can be a worried call to find out if a noise or warning lamp is something needing our urgent attention. We are always pleased to answer these technical enquiries from our customers. If the question is non urgent, please email our technical department on technical at . However if you need an answer urgently, please feel free to call us.


Sometimes, part of the joy of owning a Porsche is to be involved in its maintenance and repairs, we know this because we enjoy working on your cars as well. At JMG Porsche we are more than happy to help support enthusiasts on working on their own cars by email, all we ask in return is that you give us a chance to provide the parts you require. We do have a price promise to match the price you have been quoted by the main dealers or any reputable online stores.

We also offer a backup service, where for a small fee, we can help support your efforts to repair or maintain your Porsche, this includes fault code reading, clearing error codes, checking your workmanship, making adjustments (such as to a belt, fueling or ignition) and our prices for these items is very competitive to allow you to ensure the work you have performed is up to scratch or completed properly. For a small fee, we can also email copies of technical information to enthusiasts.

Porsche Clubs

JMG Porsche actively support the Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club in our position as Technical advisors. We do this via their forums, via telephone support, or via our technical email address above. Tipec members will always get a priority service, so please remember to quote that you are a TIPEC member and your membership number when contacting us.

We also offer support to Porsche Club Great Britain's members, via forums or by email.

Online forums

When we have the chance, we also visit a selection of online forums to provide technical support, the ones we can recommend are for Boxster owners, for 911 owners and for everyone.

The media

We have been technically advising the mass media, television, newspapers and magazines for many years, in particular TopGear, Discovery Turbo, Classic Car Magazine, various Porsche magazines and the Daily Mail are but a few.