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Improving your performance on your Porsche is not just technical, but it is also an art from.

Over the years, as JMG Porsche has become one of the worlds most experienced Porsche specialists, we have also built up a knowledge base of important information regarding tuning and modifying Porsche models further than almost anyone.

Car modification is a science, a discipline which requires an understanding of physics, engineering, thermodynamics, chemistry, digital electronics, analogue electronics as well as software engineering.

Not many Porsche specialists can boast skills, knowledge and qualifications in all these subjects, which is why JMG Porsche often outperform our competitors.

Some may say "Surely if the car could be reliably better, Porsche would have designed the car to be as good as it could be in the first place", which is a good argument, however flawed.

When Porsche designed your Porsche they had to keep in mind that it may be used in the blistering summer in the Australian outback, through to the dead of winter in Siberia. The car may have been filled with aged fuel kept in a rusty container in an African village, through to controlled race fuel, it could be used bellow sea level through to the top of a mountain road many thousands of feet above sea level.

Not only this, but your Porsche model would have had to fit into a set marketing demographic where another model would need to fill the needs of another market. It would be a poor product if the GT2 was no quicker than a standard Turbo, a Boxster can not be as powerful as a Carrera.

It is also an important thing to mention road manners. A Porsche from the factory needs to be driven by anyone from a super model to your grandmother, from a disabled person with limited mobility through to being driven by a race driver with outstanding physical fitness.

By modifying your car, you can hone it to be the car that you desire. You can increase its performance, but how you modify it may mean your grand mother may no longer feel as comfortable driving it in outback conditions, on poor fuel while at 8000 feet above sea level, and there may be a chance that your car might upset the owner of a more expensive model :o)

If you are still comfortable modifying your Porsche from the factory standard, read on...


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