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JMG Method

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The JMG Method to modify your Porsche

At JMG Porsche we believe that Porsche did a damn fine job of designing your Porsche, the Porsche motorsport department excel at improving the cars further and we should model our improvements to your Porsche based on what we have observed over the last 60 years of how Porsche do things.

When production begins on any Porsche model, 90% of development work has been done, with a further 10% of improvements over the life span of that model up until production ends. At JMG Porsche we believe in continuing that development. That development involves a long process of observing how the cars age, how the newer models improve and listening to feedback from Porsche owners around the world. This process gives us a good advantage over even what the Porsche factory have at their disposal, as for us, we have an unlimited amount of time to develop improvements to a model, with its evolution continuing into infinity.

Luckily JMG Porsche benefit from not only three generations of Porsche technician within the family, but also a massive collection of impressive contacts built over the last 60 years, which include prominent individuals and companies not only within the Porsche group, but also all forms of motorsport, including Formula-1, Nascar, Touring Car and world rally teams. This allows us to develop items which no other Porsche specialist can not even dream of.

When JMG Porsche modify a Porsche, one question we always ask is "How would Porsche Motorsport approach the problem?" and then we ask several more questions, "how would their product work?", "how would it be constructed?", "What materials would be used?" and even "What would it look like?", we also ask "what other prominent companies would solve this problem and how would they do it?" in particular we often study the work of our competitors, such as RUF and non competitors such as AMG, Brabus, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Lotus and Lamborghini.

Each and every solution is tested once produced, even if it is a one off product. However if the modified component is something that we believe their may be a wider market for, we often involve our sister company 9XX and continue to develop the product into something they can sell to other specialists and Porsche owners around the world.

So many companies modify a car with single minded focus in producing something that will satisfy the immediate needs of a customer, without complete testing, application of engineering and scientific approaches, consideration of the wider implications or how reliability may be implicated. Like children playing, they sometimes get good results, but often their results and methods are not fully understood or the result of education, development or experience, but guess work and misunderstanding. JMG Porsche are very different.

The likelihood is that we will have already modified a Porsche in exactly the way you desire it to be, and so the parts, knowledge and experience will be available off the shelf, the costs will not be high and the process will be fast and efficient.

However if your modifications are breaking new ground or are of a bespoke nature, anything is possible and you can be assured that as long as you provide us with the time to do the job properly, the result will be outstanding, solid and effective.

Whatever the aspirations for your Porsche, from a simple speaker improvement, through to having the most powerful version of your Porsche model in the world, JMG are here to help, just drop us a line and tell us what you would like.


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