We are open, but experiencing overwhelming call volumes.




Please email us if you need to contact us, do not call, we are unlikely to be able to answer the phone and voicemails are backing up.

Please also do not visit the workshop, unless you have an appointment to drop off or collect your car.


At this time of year, starting at the end of February, we are usually booked up far in advance, with customers anticipating the return of springtime and getting their Porsche out of hibernation.

However this year there has been several other factors which have seen that demand multiply by a factor of ten with telephone enquiries.

These factors include a few Porsche personalities mentioning us in their media (videos and articles) which has driven demand for our services, but also a couple of years ago Porsche Centre Bournemouth moved into their new building on the same road as us, which has also caused an increase in awareness of JMG Porsche and therefor a constant rise in enquiries.

Our priority has always been with working on cars already here, and cars already with appointments booked in.

So staff answering the phone, would be taking them away from dealing with cars already here.

If we hired temporary staff to answer the increased call demand, this would result in higher costs, and therefore higher hourly rates. Besides, we would probably need 5 to 10 additional staff to just answer calls at the moment, and those staff would probably have to keep asking other existing staff members for answers to questions from the phone calls that they answered, This would be as bad as the staff here answering the calls anyway, distracting them away from working on cars, and therefore not completing that work on cars already here.. So not a real solution.

This should settle down over the next few weeks and normal service will resume, but as always we are likely to still be booked in advance for about 4 weeks at any one time, but at least we will be able to start clearing the backlog of customer voicemails and lower priority emails.

However in the longer term, we will be looking into a solution for the problem of demand (customer enquiries) outstripping supply (our time) as what would look like the easy solution of just hiring more technicians and receptionists, rather than hiring the best additional technicians and receptionists, would degrade the business and lower the quality of what we provide.

However, if you are a technician with Porsche experience, we are always interested in hearing from you, as long as you have the drive to become the best at what you do and perform your work with the best quality and workmanship possible.

In the interim, if you need us, please email us

service "at" jmgporsche.co.uk



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Porsche servicing, diagnosis, repairs and modifications.


With our roots going back to the early 1970's, we are a family run independent Porsche Specialist spanning three generations.

We have the same or better equipment, training and technical information access as enjoyed by the main dealers, while remaining friendly, honest and with a common sense approach.

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