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The Dent Finder

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Finding dents is often easy as the dent is obvious.  However some minor dents are the kind of thing you only find when washing or waxing your pride and joy.

When buying your next Porsche, being able to find dents is often a good way to help negotiate a good price, but also helps you avoid buying a car which may have hundreds of tiny dents.

At JMG Porsche our detailing toolbox has for a long time included "The Dent Board": a simple printable document with parallel lines marked at variously spaced distances and thicknesses.  The board is the result of time and effort taken to find the correct patterns and spacing, thus when used correctly, will enbable you to find dents that would be difficult to find with the naked eye.  JMG Porsche have released this tool to Porsche buyers everywhere to help them find dents and even paint texture issues with ease.

So how does it work?

When looking into the paint of a car you will see reflections - often your brain will switch off noticing these reflections in day to day life.  You can, however, use these reflections to find irregularities in the paint or panel shape.

Unfortunately, usually the reflections are random and mask dents and paint defects.  However, with "The Dent Board" you can find them with ease because now the reflection is regular, straight and highly contrasting.

Simply download the pdf file at the bottom of this page called "The Dent Finder".  Print out this document and put it onto a clipboard or some stiff cardboard, we tend to laminate them as well because we use them everyday.

Then, whenever you are inspecting paint for texture issues such as orange peel or checking panels for dents, hold the dent board against the panel in a position so you can easily see its reflection and move over the panel keeping an eye on the reflection as you do so.

Even minor dents, orange peel textures or other undesirable blemishes on your Porsche bodywork will become instantly visible.

Variations of "The Dent Finder" are used by car detailers, paint specialists and bodyshops around the world.  Now you can also use our dent board or dent finder for free!

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