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Dorset Porsche sports cars

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In Dorset we are blessed with some great roads, scenery and attractions to enjoy with our Porsche sports cars. But it is all too easy to forget what we have, be bogged down in day to day life, and not take our Porsche out for a fun drive or social event. Not to mention Dorset's premier independent Porsche specialist garage, JMG Porsche.

Excellent roads, lets enjoy them!

The rolling countryside in Dorset and its many twisting turning roads can often be thought of my locals as a bind, it can take forever to get to some remote locations because of the roads Snaking across the landscape, but wait, think for a moment, twisting roads snaking their way across hills through some breathtaking scenery, what we should be thinking about is how these roads are enjoyable for taking our Porsche out for a spirited run, especially early on a Sunday morning when nothing else is on the road. People travel great distances to places such as the Stelvio Pass in Italy, the Nurburgring in Germany and even the highlands of Scotland just for winding roads, great scenery and enjoyment of their sports car, so why not rediscover Dorset?

Dorset may not be a de-restricted road come race track as with the Nurburgring, but lets be honest, how many of us would visit the Nurburgring and really push the car hard, time a lap and drive like Sterling Moss? It is more likely you would be too worried about your car staying in one part, the cost of armco and how to get a twisted Porsche back home, instead, most people do a few tourist laps, buy a sticker and come home.

Many of the local Porsche clubs arrange "Drive outs" where convoys of Porsche will snake their way through the landscape, stopping for lunch at an interesting location and then coming back through more amazing scenery, so get involved. In particular I like the local TIPEC (The independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club) Southern region meetings, they are a great bunch of chaps, with varied Porsche cars, and the more interest they have in "Drive outs", the more they will arrange.


In Dorset we are also blessed with several clubs for sportscars, not just the Porsche ones, but several classic car clubs, racing clubs and even modified car clubs.

TIPEC - The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club. With two regions sat within the Dorset local area, TIPEC offers the Porsche enthusiast the company of other Porsche enthusiasts, some Geeky, Some Porsche purists, some Porsche modification enthusiasts and even some normal Porsche owners as well! They meet once a month and more details can be found from

PCGB - The Porsche Club of Great Britain. The larger club, heavily policed and influenced by the Porsche car manufacturer, PCGB has come under critisism over the years for being an extension of the Porsche company and that it is only interested in the 911 models. However they do have some great meetings in the local area with some friendly owners of all kinds of Porsche car. They also hold meetings once a month and again this area is served by two local regions. You can find out more at their website at

BDCC - Bournemouth and District Car Club is not only open for Porsche owners, or even owners of sportscars, but a club for those interested in clubman motorsport. They arrange road rallying, Special Stage Rallying, Autotests, Trials and much more. In particular interest to a Porsche owner, they arrange navigational rallies, which are all road based, involve two team members in a car, one navigating and one driving. Prior to the start of the rally everyone is given coordinates to plot on a map with questions for each point, with the object to visit all the locations within a time limit (often late at night) and answer the questions from what you find there. Excellent fun. They are also a very friendly bunch and hold weekly meetings. You can find out more at their website 

Classic Cars On The Prom - Bournemouth Seafront has held a summer long event every sunday for many years now. To park on the prom with the other cars on display does have one special criteria, which is the car needs to have been manufactured before August 1983. However, it is an awesome event to visit, buy an icecream or bag of chips and look at some amazing classic cars. Anything from a Jaguar to a vintage Rolls Royce. Their website can be seen at it is also interesting to note that they also go on drive outs to various locations and other club meetings around the south of England and are a great group of people (yes even the jaguar owners!)

Dorset Porsche garages

As well as the local clubs, the local Porsche garages also hold occasional events to get people out in their Porsche cars. We at JMG Porsche, the local independent Porsche specialist, have at least one BBQ every year, open to club members, customers or any other Porsche members, sometimes to raise money for various local charities we support. Occasionally, the local Porsche Centre, Porsche Centre Bournemouth hold an open day, which can be very interesting to see behind the scenes or even have a free inspection of your Porsche, although JMG Porsche always offer free new customer inspections throughout the year at any time :o)


So with all this going on for owners of Dorset sports cars, why do you just wash the Porsche on a Sunday? Why not get in it and go for a blast!



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