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Porsche Bournemouth

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As one of the country's leading Porsche specialist garages, JMG Porsche are the main alternative to Porsche Centre Bournemouth. You can call us on 01202 488800

In this article, we would like to cover the useful resources for Porsche owners in the area of Bournemouth.

History of Porsche in the area.

As you may have read elsewhere in our website, JMG Porsche have been in business for many years. As the alternative to the main dealer for servicing, JMG Porsche have a long standing history. However there has been a main dealer in the Bournemouth area for many years. In the 1980's the main dealer was called Heddle and Deeks. A business that sold Porsche and Jaguar cars.

In the 90's, Heddle and Deeks changed their name to Chapplegate Porsche, who again changed their name sometime around 2005 to Porsche Centre Bournemouth as it is called to this day.

There is also Porsche Centre Portsmouth, which has only just opened at time of writing (2012) which has yet to build its history.

Local Clubs

As supporters of the independent Porsche enthusiasts club (TIPEC), we need to mention their efforts in the area. TIPEC is a national Porsche club, has meetings in every area, and locally they meet at the Angel pub in Ferndown the first Tuesday of every month. They also arrange regular drives and events, if you are local, we seriously recommend you join this club, if nothing else it could save you 10% on servicing costs and parts from us here at JMG Porsche! We always keep membership forms in reception, so why not pop down and say hello?

PCGB are the Porsche Club of Great Britain and they too have local meetings west of Bournemouth near Dorchester at a location called Clay Pigeon.

Local Events

As the local Porsche garage, we like to be involved in the local area events, which fortunately are regular and well organised. One of the wonderful things about Porsche ownership is the social side.

JMG Porsche spring day - Normally two weekends before Easter weekend.

Every year JMG Porsche host a spring open day for local (and more distant) Porsche owners. The original idea was to help Porsche owners who store their Porsche over winter, so they could have advice about charging their batteries, what to do the first time they start their cars for the year. We also hand out a small gift bag with notes of how to get the car running and a few gifts. However, everyone is welcome, and we normally serve free bacon rolls, tea and coffee on the day, and usually spend as much time talking general Porsche, as we do talking about storage. This all happens at our Christchurch workshop near Bournemouth.

JMG Porsche October Fest - Normally a weekend at the end of October.

A little like our "Spring Day", our October Fest Day is a day where every Porsche owner (or prospective Porsche owner) can pop along, have a bacon roll, tea and coffee, talk Porsche and meet some old and new friends. The emphasis of this day is on putting cars into storage, a little like the same theme as the "Spring Day", but in reverse. As with the "Spring Day" we hand out information packs with some small gifts inside. This again all happens at our Christchurch workshop near Bournemouth.

TIPEC Club Meetings - The first Tuesday of every month at the Angel Pub in Ferndown.

The Angel is a lovely pub, they do food as well as drinks. The club members are really friendly, you will get a warm welcome so go along. If the weather is nice, they tend to talk about each others cars, which range from the newest of 911's through more historic machines, a couple of 928's normally turn up, air cooled 911's and even a very tidy 924. The Angel is in Ferndown, on the edge of Longham, north of Bournemouth.

TIPEC Club Fun Day - Normally in the summer each year.

Normally held in the New Forrest, this charity fund raising day is a good reason to have a good get together, have a massive BBQ which Steve the head chef cooking. There is usually an auction of Porsche items, a raffle, a small car show where your Porsche may just win a trophy!! The location has moved several times over the years, but is now usually held at a New Forrest site, to the east of Bournemouth.

PCGB Club Meetings - Current details to follow.

Locally there are two PCGB areas you can become involved in, One meets at the Empress of Blandings pub towards Southampton, the other meets at a location called "Clay Pigeon" which is near Dorchester on the way to Yeovil to the west of Bournemouth.

Highcliff Castle Porsche - Normally each summer at Highcliff castle.

Every year for some time now, Highcliff castle have had a Porsche car show, a great turn out, lots of enthusiasts showing off their Porsche, old and new. Highcliff Castle is a stately home in the town of High Cliff, to the east of Bournemouth.

Cars on the Quay - Normally twice a year, one late spring and one in the summer on Poole Quay.

It's really good to get down to this event, anything up to 150 Porsche turn up from all over the country, park up on the quayside, which Poole council close down for us, and there is a night of Porsche owners admiring each others cars, talking Porsche and enjoying some of the Quays excellent chip shops and pubs for refreshments. Poole Quay is to the west of Bournemouth.




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